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Cabeau Evolution S3® Neck Pillow

Cabeau Evolution S3® Neck Pillow

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Introducing Evolution S3® — the world’s best engineered neck pillow. Cabeau’s innovative Seat Strap System eliminates head drop, neck strain and the instinctive "whiplash" response to reopen obstructed airways. Wrap the straps around the headrest area of your plane seat, gaming chair or theater seat to secure your head in place.

  • Raised side supports prevent lateral movement or "bobblehead" and keep you from drooling on your seat mate's shoulder.
  • The thin, flatback ensures perfect spine alignment, relaxes your back and releases tension that overstrains neck and shoulder muscles.
  • An adjustable front clasp customizes fit for individual comfort.
  • Its premium memory foam core is protected by a moisture-wicking, machine-washable cover that keeps your neck dry and stays fresh-looking.
  • Pillow compacts to half its size in an included compact case that attaches to backpacks or carry-ons for critical space savings. 

Step 1: Pull out straps

Unhook straps from the pillow and pull them fully out of the buckles.

Step 2: Connect to the seat

Then, pull straps up and around the post connecting the headrest to the seat. Attach the strap ends to each other using the hook and loop tape tabs.

Step 3: Slip it on

Slip in to the pillow and adjust to fit using the adjustable clasps.


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