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On Sale- Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch - Del Día

On Sale- Cotopaxi Maigo Neck Pouch - Del Día

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Adjustable Carry Strap

Keep it close, loosen it up. The Maigo's carry strap adapts to you.

Uniquely Sustainable

This accessory bag is partially made using leftover materials from other companies’ production runs that could have gone to a landfill. 100% repurposed, 100% funky, and 100% one of a kind.

Simple Design

A classic accessory silhouette, enhanced for modern functionality.

Our Giving Model

Giving is core to who we are. We tie our earnings to impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which then distributes multi-year grants to thoroughly vetted nonprofit organizations who focus on improving the human condition and fighting extreme poverty. Since 2014, we have helped our impact partners reach an estimated 3 million people in extreme poverty through traceable and valid means.

Certified B Corp

Cotopaxi is B Corp Certified. This means we have passed rigorous standards of ethical conduct.

Manufacturing details:

Del Día products like the Maigo are made in the Philippines by our principal pack maker—a factory committed to fair social labor and environmentally sound practices. All Del Día products are made using materials left over from other companies’ large production runs. With total creative control, our makers use these high-quality, remnant materials to create one-of-a-kind, 100% repurposed packs


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