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Fold n Go Microfiber Travel Blanket

Fold n Go Microfiber Travel Blanket

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A blanket is a large piece of material that keeps you warm when you're in bed or taking a nap on the couch. Many small children have a favorite blanket that provides not just warmth, but comfort. The Cabeau Fold n Go Blanket helps to cover or to enfold a great portion of the user's body, usually when sleeping or otherwise at rest.

Perfect Usage

The Cabeau Fold n Go Blanket offers to get cozy for your next movie night, at the stadium, in the car, at the beach, or on your flight. It includes a French microfiber travel case that features a detachable handle for carrying or strapping to luggage.

Perfectly Designed

The Cabeau Fold n Go Blanket is constructed of buttery soft French microfiber for the ultimate warmth and comfort. Measuring a generous 91.44 cm x 152.4 cm, it can wrap most people from chin to toe. Packed in its carrying case, the versatile blanket can also be used as a pillow, a seat cushion, or as lumbar support.

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