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Bucky Utopia Travel Pillow - Midnight

Bucky Utopia Travel Pillow - Midnight

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As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Classic buckwheat U-shaped neck pillow delivers cozy, relaxing comfort and stress relief. At home or on the go. This buckwheat pillow has its own carry bag that snaps onto the pillow so you won t lose either. Elastic strap holds tight to your shoulder or clips around rolling luggage handle. Removable, machine washable cover. The Utopia features buckwheat hulls, which are the durable outer husk of the buckwheat seed. Buckwheat hulls allow constant air circulation through the pillow, keeping you cool and dry. Those with allergies to feathers or synthetics will appreciate buckwheat s hypo-allergenic nature. Unlike other pillow fillings, buckwheat hulls do not compress under pressure. This reduces stress on your head and neck. Best of all, buckwheat is natural AND eco-friendly. Filling- Buckwheat Hulls. Cover- Cotton Polyester blend. Liner- Polyester. Size- 12in. X 13in. Weight- 1 lb.

Material 100% Cotton
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