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On Sale- Cellphone Holder Bondi- Green

On Sale- Cellphone Holder Bondi- Green

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Introducing   Bondi – your ultimate and trendiest gadget. Bend it, stretch it any way you want.

Made of high quality silicone that can be curved into any shape, it will allow you to get endless value from its versatility.

Bondi is a really handy little holder. Nicely shaped with a hook for a head and about the size of your hand, it has two arms with hands and two jutting legs with upturned feet. With its trendy, flexible and colorful design, Bondi has only one purpose – to hold things, and it is a task it performs perfectly.

Need to hang your cell phone while at the gym? Bondi conveniently hangs on a piece of equipment while you use your cell phone to time yourself – what a win! Have curtains in your dining room or your bathroom – simply twist them around Bondi to brighten the room.
Want to read your book while drinking your morning coffee in the kitchen? Stand it up and hold the pages back with Bondi.
Need somewhere to hang a suggestion pad with pencils in your office canteen? Hang Bondi on a hook – naturally Bondi will be in your main company branding color – and secure the pencils inside a ‘hand’. Your staff will love such an innovative idea!

  • Hang it to Charge your phone.
  • Hang it in your car while driving.
  • Hang it anywhere while listing to your music.
  • Hang it on your screen for multiple uses.
  • Hang it on your jeans.
  • Mounts on the table for easy viewing.
  • Book mount and bookmark.
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